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2821-S01E14 The Galileo Seven.yaml (1340B)

      1 ---
      2 Stardate: 2821.5
      3 Starship: "U.S.S. Enterprise (NC-1701)"
      4 Captain: "James T. Kirk"
      5 Logs:
      6     - "Captain's Log, stardate 2821.5. On route to Makus Three with a cargo of
      7 medical supplies. Our course leads us past Murasaki 312, a quasar-like
      8 formation, vague, undefined. A priceless opportunity for scientific
      9 investigation. On board is Galactic High Commissioner Ferris, overseeing the
     10 deliver of the medicines to Makus Three."
     11     - "Captain's Log, stardate 2821.7. The electromagnetic phenomenon known as
     12 Murasaki Three Twelve whirls like some angry blight in space, a depressive
     13 reminder that seven shipmates still have not been heard from. Equally bad, the
     14 effect has rendered our normal searching systems useless. Without them, we are
     15 blind and almost helpless."
     16     - "Captain's Log, stardate 2822.3. We continue to search, but I find it
     17 more difficult each moment to ward off a sense of utter futility and great
     18 loss."
     19     - "Captain's Log, stardate 2823.1. Our landing parties are on the surface
     20 of Taurus Two. We continue to hope. Instruments are slowly returning to an
     21 operable condition as the ion storm slowly disperses. On the ship, we can only
     22 wait helplessly."
     23     - "Captain's log, supplement. The search parties have returned to the
     24 ship, and the Columbus is on its way back. I have been compelled to abandon
     25 the search."