A Go library/binary to parse & execute data against template langauges.
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3025-S01E17 Shore Leave.json (787B)

      1 {
      2 	"Stardate": 3025.3,
      3 	"Starship": "U.S.S. Enterprise (NC-1701)",
      4 	"Captain": "James T. Kirk",
      5 	"Logs": [
      6 		"Captain's log. Stardate 3025 er, point 3. We are orbiting an uninhabited planet in the Omicron Delta region. A planet remarkably like Earth, or how we remember Earth to be. Park-like, beautiful, green, flowers, trees, green lawn, quiet and restful. Almost too good to be true.",
      7 		"Captain's log. Stardate 3025.8. Investigation of this increasingly unusual planet continues, and we are seeing things that cannot possibly exist, yet they are undeniably real.",
      8 		"Captain's log, supplemental. All contact with the Enterprise has been lost. We're trapped here. Our ship's surgeon, my personal friend, is dead. We're certain now that whatever we're facing is terribly real."
      9 	]
     10 }