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3045-S01E19 Arena.yaml (623B)

      1 ---
      2 Stardate: 3045.6
      3 Starship: "U.S.S. Enterprise (NC-1701)"
      4 Captain: "James T. Kirk"
      5 Logs:
      6     - "Captain's log, Stardate 3045.6 The Enterprise has responded to a call from Earth observation outpost on Cestus Three. On landing, we have discovered that the outpost has been destroyed."
      7     - "Captain's log, supplement. We have beamed back to the Enterprise and immediately set out in pursuit of the alien vessel. It appears to be headed toward a largely unexplored section of the galaxy."
      8     - "Captain's log, Stardate 3046.2. We are in hot pursuit of the alien vessel which destroyed the Earth outpost on Cestus Three."